Impelos specializes in making high-value improvements to back-office and production ecosystems for manufacturers of configurable products.

The Goal is Simplicity

For Make To Order manufacturers, Impelos offers à la carte software integrations that automate existing processes or add new functionality, reducing manual work to a minimum.

Solutions For Every Stage Of Your Business

  • Starting with consumer facing sales tools available to your dealer network
  • Dealer self-service portal showing purchase history, open order status, current factory inventory, getting quotes and placing orders, or anything else you can dream up
  • Rapid order entry processes for inside sales
  • Scheduling production for “shippability” and delivering achievable promise dates
  • Automated production release based on sales order scheduling
  • Absolutely Simple shop floor tracking of assembly and finishing processes, and component / subassembly manufacturing
  • Automated materials flush and sales order propagation that fits your back-office software
  • Piece pay reporting based on production activities
  • Automated VIN generation, rapid VIN document printing, and push to MSO at invoicing
  • Business Intelligence views designed to help you see what’s happening inside your business
  • Warranty management system styled after the “best of” software help desk solutions
  • Custom & proprietary software – you dream it, we’ll build it

Revenue Driven, Relationship Focused

We know that you don’t make money until your product is shipped, and you don’t continue to make money without a strong relationship with your dealer network and past consumers. That’s why processes are design to reduce on-hand finished inventory, and minimize administrative effort, so you can focus on building relationships.

Software + Process Optimization = Measurable Value

You need software to track your business activities, but software itself isn’t sufficient for growth: you need a solid platform of activity-based systems that are tuned to strengthen and build for the future. Your market strengths and business goals melded with our process improvement strengths become a powerful force to increase profitability.

Here to Stay

We’ve been in this industry for nearly two decades, and we’re here to grow with it into the future. Our products are designed and built to scale with you, and we’ll support that growth for years to come.